Journalism Certificate

Journalism Certificate

Certificate in Journalism

The certificate in journalism offered by Nash School of Journalism is so very comprehensive and detailed that it actually opens a pathway for you to enrol into Mass Communication diploma programmes not just in Singapore but across the globe. That's only because you will actually be taught how to get your articles published. The idea behind publishing your articles is actually two-fold, a) it bolsters your resume and b) it gives you recognition and credibility such that your visibility is enhanced. When you gain both of the above, you are virtually guaranteed of landing a job in media and news organisations, either here in Singapore or across the globe. However, it is not just in the media you should be angling at. Opportunities are also available in copywriting, scriptwriting, marketing and advertising among others. Even as all these are attainable, the benefits of the course are not isolated just to, by you being simply in the course. The skills you learn are to ensure that your golden years are spent meaningfully, thus giving your post-retirement dignity. That means you will always have a job because you have always had an invaluable skill. What is more what you will be taught all of the news reporting styles used by the world's leading wire services. That just means you will almost be assured of entry into diploma programmes.

Course Structure

  • Introduction to News Writing
  • Qualities of Good Writing
  • The Inverted Pyramid (encompassing the Bloomberg, Reuters and Dow Jones writing styles) Cross-Cultural Aspects of Journalism
  • Writing Business Stories
  • Feature Writing Skills
  • Travel Writing on places of interest, sceneries etc. Sports Commentaries
  • Book, Movies and Reviews
  • Opinion Pieces
  • National Ideologies and News Coverage
  • Multimedia Training (Optional) Broadcast Elements
  • Getting Works Published
  • Class Test


Certificates are only granted upon students satisfying all major tests. Importantly, they need to get their works published and hand in all assignments. The awarding of the certificate will be based on the accomplishment of all the said tasks.

Entry Requirements

All applicants need to have standard English proficiency or at least a standard that allows them to write and speak reasonably well. Those lacking such standards will be given help in a preparatory course to be run along with the Certificate.

Course Duration

All courses will run on Saturday either between 9am to 12pm or from 2pm to 5pm. 10-minute interludes will prevail. For foreign students, the courses will be a little intensive, in that there will be daily classes.

Course Fees

Fees for the Journalism Certificate are at SGD1,000 done in class and SGD800 if done online.


Most of the lecturers will be run by Mr Jaya Prakash, who incidentally is the founder of the school. Mr Prakash has been a practising journalist since the late 1980s. He last worked in Marine News Asia as its editor and has for most of his adult, working life won accolades and recognition for the fine literary works he has produced. Some of his articles like advocating nuclear power as an alternative energy resource along with a treatise on global affirmative action programmes and workplace bullying have understandably sparked debate on the merits of such programmes and practices. His recent book, Inciting Injury - An Expose of Workplace Bullying in Singapore was reviewed by a local TV station. Apart from Mr Prakash, adjunct lecturers would also render assistance.