Journalism Diploma

Journalism Diploma

Diploma in Journalism

Mass communications programmes are much about the orthodoxy of having a theoretical understanding of media principles. In Nash School of Journalism (NSJ) the pedagogy is different. It is entirely about ensuring a practical focus, because as they say nothing beats experience as being life’s best teacher! In NSJ, students are not just taught news values but also about all the varying demands that cross-cultural and developmental journalism entail. The assigned projects to be accomplished locally, don’t just give you a sense of the feel and pulse of the media universe. But they are truly meant to take you on the path to a meaningful career in media. NSJ’s dedication is to quality journalism. To pull that off, it has entrusted your education, your career and your future in the hands of an experienced and dedicated journalist, Jaya Prakash.

Course Structure

  • Introduction To News
  • Qualities of Good Writing
  • Elements of News Writing & Reporting
  • News Gathering Techniques Pitching News Stories to Editors Elements of Writing for Mass
  • Media Elements of Evaluative Writing


Diplomas are only granted to students who have satisfactorily passed all course requirements. Importantly, they need to get two works published, hand in all assignments including of the newsletter, pass their thesis etc. The awarding of the diploma will be based on the accomplishment of these tasks.

Entry Requirements

All applicants are required to have a standard or level of English that allows them to write or speak reasonably well. They have to be at least 16 years and above and accomplish a B3 grading in their ‘O’ level English examinations. Mature students need to be 22 years of age and above and have a full GCE ‘O’ level certificate. Foreign students need to have the IELTS 6 equivalent to enrol.

Course Duration

The course will run for 12 months on a full-time basis and last four hours daily from Monday to Friday. Weekend classes are available as well. Part-time basis classes will run on Saturday or Sundays, either between 9am to 1pm or between 2pm to 6pm and be for 18 months.

Course Benefits

The overriding aim of the course is to help students break into the competitive world of journalism. Because of your published works there is an edge when applying for media jobs, because a published work is convincing proof of your ability to ‘succeed in the real world’. NSJ encourages graduates of its certificate programme to seek admission into tertiary institutes. As was mentioned earlier NSJ has a semi-official arrangement with a local tertiary. This allows students to partake in international seminars and internship programmes and gain invaluable knowledge of the world of communications. Importantly there is every chance of participating in global environmental programmes thus allowing the certificate to grant every graduate a very ‘glossy’ resume.

Course Fees

Fee for the Journalism Diploma is SGD4,000 done online only.