Angela Lansbury

BA Hons

"What impressed me is that this course is not theory; it is a practical. Each journalist is encouraged to focus on his/her own area of interest and develop a reputation for expertise. The course aims to move an aspiring journalist to one with marketable work which is actually appearing in print. The award proves to the student and prospective employers that they have already succeeded. The course requirements make sure that the journalist focuses on what editors think their readers want, selling newsworthy, well-researched stories which get published and reach the widest audience".

Vanesa Yeo Xue Ling

"Over the past few months, not only was I equipped with the skills to write, report and interview by a seasoned and experienced journalist himself, the course opened my eyes to many aspects of journalism not commonly known to the general population at large. The small group size also facilitated learning and allowed intense debates among fellow students. The Diploma (now  changed to Higher Certificate) in Journalism is definitely a must for anyone interested in a career in the mass media". 

Nur Diyanah

The course so far has been very eye-opening and I learned a lot of things. The overall open environment that Mr Prakash encouraged is a breadth of fresh air from the mundane lessons I have had at school. I have learnt a lot not only about journalism techniques, but also much about the journalism industry and how to get a foot into it. The opportunities that have been presented to me are also something I am grateful for.

Sarah Faizal

The course so far has been interesting for me as I hardly learn any of these lessons at school. I still think the course is great and I’m very happy to be exposed to different types of articles.

Geraldine C

I have learned much from the course so far. It has been an enlightening experience because we have had the chance to tackle assignments which our schools have never given us before. I have also realised that the English language plays a very important role in our lives and should not be taken lightly.

Jasmine K

Mr Prakash gives a very smooth delivery of the lessons. Most of his lessons are engaging and enriching. I think some of the assignments were probing and challenging especially those involving huge organisations. But I believe I gained much knowledge and some experience from him.