A) Nash School also runs a one-day workshop in journalism.

Slated for adults and secondary school children above the age of 13 onwards, it is designed to enhance one’s writing and communicative skills.

Students will be taught of identifying expert writing skills and having their works published in the newspapers either in the Straits Times Forum Page or in other public domains. A published work is the fastest way to gain international visibility and aid a student’s entry into higher tertiary education along with boosting and enhancing a student’s curriculum vitae.

Fees for students are just $120 and $150 for adults.


For those who are disinclined about seeing the need for a journalism workshop, the school also creative writing lessons for school-going children.

The English language perhaps must be one of the hardest to master for those whose first language is something else. Apart from all the nuances and intricacies linked to subject-verb agreements coupled with the utility of verbs when discovering language exposition, creative writing is actually a life skill that

The Creative Writing programme in Nash is geared towards developing the creative potential in a child, harness his energies towards fluent and erudite expression and equally ensure his exquisite mastery of the language be it, in writing, dialogue or even when speaking in public spheres.

Speech is much about using images, data, rhetoric and fluency of rhymes and parables. And in Nash that is done expertly to ensure that when a student speaks in a public domain, everybody snaps to attention.