About us

Nash School of Communications

Nash School of Communications (NSC) was originally inaugurated in Aug 2003, though it very much operated out of leased premises in other schools. In May 2010 the school was officially incorporated and became known as Nash School of Journalism Pte Ltd. In its early days NSJ offered tertiary-level journalism education in partnership with the Durban University of Technology (DUT) in South Africa. 
In latter years it teamed with foreign universities in Australia and also had a working relationship with a local university in Singapore.
Its prized catch was the pact with the United Nations because unlike conventional mass communications programmes, the pedagogy of journalism by us is written entirely in the dimension of ensuring a practical focus. 
Students are taught not just news values but all of the varying demands that cross-cultural and developmental journalism entails. The assigned projects to be accomplished locally and internationally don't just give you a sense of the feel and pulse of the media universe. But they are truly meant to take you on the path to a meaningful career in media.

Why does NSC insist on this?

That's only because employers only hire those who have the proven expertise in having their works published. Over at Nash, you will learn that vital skill to get a job either in your home country or internationally. And the instance with the newsletter production is no different. It is to prove and convince every organization of your ability such that you secure a quick employment. To make sure you get a good fighting chance the following subjects will be taught in the very intensive one-month certificate course.