About Us

Nash School of Journalism

Nash School of Journalism (NSJ) is pleased as punch, to offer courses in journalism to anyone wanting to embark on a very challenging and invigorating life in mainstream journalism. One does not necessarily need to work for newspapers. He or she can also acquit in magazines, broadcast media and other media platforms such as blogs or news portals etc.

The minute you enrol into our journalism programme what you will achieve is what’s not seen in most other disciplines. You will obtain a mastery of words, sentence structuring and paragraph formation; skills that are vital for corporate communications professionals.

NSJ is probably the first school in the world to inaugurate a Certificate Course in Maritime Journalism. The Maritime Journalism is ideal for those to want to embark on lucrative career in this specialised field. There is a great dearth of maritime journalists in the world and this course is just what somebody needs to get a job in the maritime world.

There is also a Certificate Course in Travel Writing which is just what would enthuse budding travel writers.

Just as well NSJ also offers quick 5-hours journalism workshops. That way students need not spend days and months conning over their studies to get a certificate. A workshop is the best way to understand the intricacies of a rather complex and interesting science.