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Thank you so very much for visiting the website of one of the only schools in Singapore to run journalism programmes.

Nash School of Communications is where journalism studies are designed to ensure that you land a real and fighting chance to land a job either here in Singapore or anywhere in the world.

What the school helps you do is to turn writing and producing masterpieces into an art-form! And when there is art in what you do, you become employable. That not just boosts your CV but it makes it every way possible for you to gain university admissions.

Registered in Singapore under the Companies Act the school once worked with the United Nations Environmental Programme in clear and absolute recognition of the skill of pedagogy it provides.

The school has not just produced writers but also of copywriters and aspiring lawyers and doctors who have benefitted immensely from the craft and skill of artful communications because these professionals know that communicative skills are an absolute premium in the fast lane of the world we live in.

In Nash we do not just land you a job but actually a career – a career that transcends the icy cool and chilling winds of a retirement winter.

In other words what you are getting is actually an ‘insurance policy” – a security that binds you once and for all and removes all your worries about the security of not being able to land employment when you are past your prime.  

So NASH is where it all happens and where you need to be, because we have what it takes to let your imagination take flight for that ineluctable journey of fantasy and ecstasy!!

So come over to NASH and you need to do is to take your writing pad, your pen and of course your enthusiasm. So why don’t you pick the phone and ring Mr Prakash on his mobile at 85155705.

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November 21, 2014

Break oil’s stranglehold: Think nuclear

Of the many ground-breaking news articles, Mr Jaya Prakash wrote is; one on the merits of leveraging on the utility of nuclear power which appeared in […]
November 21, 2014
Prakash (Writer of the Week, ST)

The Straits Times Award

Mr Jaya Prakash was awarded the Straits Times Writer of the Week award in August 2013
October 29, 2014
Malaysia article by Prakash (Adelaide Advertiser)-1

Malaysian – not Asian

In a news article published in the Adelaide Advertiser in 2006, Mr Jaya Prakash cleverly plumbs the myth of a united Malaysia being typical of what a culturally united Asia is!